Temporary Fencing

From construction to concerts, festivals, and other outdoor events, our temporary fencing is perfect: for privacy, crowd management, or security.

A Clean Portoco offers many types of temporary fencing for construction or special events. No area is too small or too big to be fenced in. We'll gladly visit your site for a fencing expertise-based Sitewalk to guide your temporary enclosure or fencing needs.

Types Of Fencing Available

10’ x 6’ or 12’ x 6’ chain link panels with T-stands
6-foot chain link fencing that can be rolled out
4×8 feet crowd management barriers
Privacy mesh is optional



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We offer the three fencing types below for construction sites, concerts, festivals, private parties, and other outdoor events. For small relief efforts and large-scale campaigns, we offer 10’ x 6’ or 12’ x 6’ chain link panels and 6-foot chain link fencing.

Contact our knowledgeable staff or assistance in selecting the right temporary fencing for your site. We will gladly visit your site to offer suggestions that may assist you in planning your temporary enclosure or fencing needs. We serve all of South Texas with locations in the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo for construction and special events fencing. Our Temporary Fencing is available nationwide for disaster relief.

Secure Your Space with Premium Temporary Fencing Solutions

Discover peace of mind with our top-notch temporary fencing solutions. We understand the importance of securing your space, and our high-quality fencing is designed to provide the protection you need, without compromising on flexibility and convenience. Explore the features that make our temporary fencing the ideal choice for your project.

Quick Installation

Expert installation and take-down are part of our commitment to making the process hassle-free for you.

Sturdy Ballast Weights

A Clean PortoCo provides Oxford Bigfoot feet as a robust alternative to sandbags.

Versatile Fence Options

Choose from a multitude of fencing options, including post driven chain link rentals or post driven chain link rolls, chain link panels, or crowd control banners, including our new Smartweldtemporary fencing panels.

Crowd Control Solutions

A Clean Portoco goes beyond basic fencing by offering privacy mesh with 90% visibility blockage and entrance gates for easy drive-through access.

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What Our Clients are Saying

  • A Clean Portoco was quick to deliver the portable toilets and holding tanks when I called. The twice a week service we required on the units was done in a professional manner. What I enjoy most about A Clean Portoco is that whenever I need something, someone is always there to take my call, from Customer Service to your Accounting/Billing Department. Everyone has treated me in a professional manner, and I have built friendships in the process.

    - Becky Dowda, Project Coordinator, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

  • I have worked with A Clean Portoco for 15 years and have found them to always be dependable and thorough in their rendering of services. There have been many occasions where we needed last minute weekend services or to trouble shoot issues regarding overturned units and received polite and immediate attention.

    - Mary K. Hancock, Special Events Manager, City of South Padre Island

  • I have worked with ACP on many events in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and other areas across Texas for 7 years.  They have been my go to company for fencing, barricade, portable toilets and comfort stations for most of the festivals and events that I have had a role in managing since 2007.  Whether it’s a 1-2 day music festival for thousands, multiple events small and large over 2 weeks of SXSW or a high end private event for a couple hundred people, Josh, Michael, Mark & Erica treat each of my events like they are their own.  ACP crews are always helpful on site and provide excellent customer service.  They do a lot more than just drop off and pick up gear.  They make sure the customer is happy and they follow thru on the service.

    - Mike Fackler – Production & Site Operations Manager – Austin, Texas – 2013

  • I wanted to thank ACP for your help during our emergency. You answered the call and provided a solution. During a local emergency, we found ourselves in need of portable restrooms and hand wash stations. It was a Sunday evening and I called numerous places to no avail. Early the next morning, I called ACP and Joey answered. I said Joey, I need portable restrooms and hand wash stations. How many and how soon, he replied. First thing this morning, I said. Joey replied, let me work with the team and take care of this. No more than three hours later, we had the requested facilities on-site and available for use. Thank you ACP team! For taking the call, taking action, and providing ease of mind.

    - Javier Cano – A grateful customer